*This is not a full list just some honorable mentions.

LG Electronics Silicon Valley Laboraroy

Project: NVZN

The name on the patent for the device we invented is "3-Axis Offset Concentric Spherical Gimbal System and Controller."

Project: Google Glass Home Control

What I came to learn is that each form device factor (desktop, phone, smart watch, google glass) has its own unique properties that should be leveraged to yield the best possible usability and effectiveness of the product. In the case of google glass (it was not useful for very much because it did not do anything better than any other device) but it have one unique property that other devices did not: It knew where you were looking! So I utilized that to build prototype to demonstrate how you could control any LG wifi enabled devices that were on the same wifi network just by looking at them. The glass app I built would scan for connected devices over WIFI and when you looked at them a menu would pop up with contextual commands for that particular device.

Project: Mock Home Screen Experience Prototype

Throughout this project to test the usability of our OS's UI, I built about 80% of our home screen, navigation, app switching, settings and first use experinces in a mock webapp. This prototype was used for just about everything.

More Project Content

I have far more content in a google photos album.